sábado, novembro 29, 2008

A conquista de Tebas segundo Gus van Sant

I conquered Thebes.
[Inhales deeply] Two weeks ago.
How'd you do it?
Well, I got…I did more than that, actually.I said to Gerry…[Clears throat]”I ruled this land for 97 years, and…" “…and I'd like it.”I had all the sanctuaries built, and then I…This hot lava leaked out of a volcano and half destroyed my sanctuary to Demeter, I guess it was.And…But I didn't have the marble to rebuild, like, the sculptures and that to fix the sanctuary. I had all these docks too, like, Calydon and Argos and…I had everything.Everything.I was trading with, like, 12 cities and… I had a really good army.But the river had just flooded. And it flooded out,like, four of my docks, and I couldn't import the marble to rebuild the sanctuary. Demeter got pissed off, and she made my fields infertile. And then…So I couldn't grow the grass. I couldn't grow the wheat to feed the horses. And there was no…I couldn't…And there was nowhere for the Stephens to graze.And some of my people were growing hungry and restless, and then…And I couldn't trade because the rivers had flooded.And so, Knossos, one of my vassals,got really upset with me and turned against me.And they… attacked me.And because I couldn'ttrain any sheep'cause I didn't have the wheat.I didn't have…I didn't have a, um, a…
You couldn't train sheep?
I couldn't train the horses because I didn't have wheat.And so when they attacked me,they just dogged me. And I actually went to send my army out to defend the city, and you can only send them out if you have 12 trained horses,and I had 11.So I was one horse shy…of almost saving my city.
So then you didn't really…

Oh, I had just conquered Thebes, and then that happened.

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André . أندراوس البرجي disse...

Grande filme, o "Gerry"!

Mathew the Porcupine disse...

é verdade, e tenho muita curiosidade em ver o último, o Milk.