sexta-feira, junho 26, 2009

Uma fala de «Equus» (1977)

[Martin Dysart] I wish...there was somebody in this life I could show... one... instinctive, absolutely unbrisk person that I could take to Greece... and stand in front of certain shrines and sacred streams and say: ''Look... life is only comprehensible through a thousand... local gods. Not just the old, dead gods, with names like Zeus... but living geniuses of place and person. Not just Greece, but modern England. Here spirits of certain trees... of certain curves of brick wall... of certain fish-and-chip shops, if you like... and slate roofs... frowns in people, slouches.'' I'd say to them: Worship... all you can see... and more will appear.

Uma fala de um filme de 1977, Equus, realizado por Sidney Lumet, a partir de uma peça de Peter Schaffer. O actor que representa o papel de Martin Dysart é Richard Burton.

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